Big Update! v0.11

Hi! It's been a long time everyone ! But I think it's worth it! 

Version 0.11 adds a lot of new features :D

The biggest changes are:

  • Stress level has been replaced by a well-being level, with more consequences. 
  • Houses : you will now start living in a tent, but may buy better places with time (up to a real palace!) Houses influence the number of possible activities and cookable foods, and your well-being and security. 
  • Transport : you will now need to choose how you want to go to a place, which might lead to some juicy events Still not much developed, but it's a start. 
  • Whole game text has been raised by 25%, up to more than 24k words.

Here are some minor features: 

  • You can now choose your skin colour
  • You can now by swimsuits and hats 
  • If you have a swimsuit, you will be able to go to the swimming pool 
  • Your eating capacity has been decreased. You can no longer eat 3 times more than your appetite... And your fullness points are replaced by a bar. 
  • Seasons : each season has a 6 day duration and influence the events

Other fixes:

  • Fixed : game crashing when taking a nap with Jasmine 
  • You now need at least a little intelligence to work on the lab. 
  • When going for a walk, you will no longer be asked your friend's name each time you see her before you finally go speak to her. The first name you enter will remain.

As a general result, the games start will be harder than before. It's actually pretty hard to pack a few pounds at first. But you will be able to rise up to extreme wealth and shapes if you're a good manager :)

Still no English translation. If one of you feel capable, contact me.
Enjoy!!! <3

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Sep 11, 2019

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