v0.17 - a few news after a long absence

Hi dears,

Sorry for the long wait. I am very busy and couldn't make much progress, but I'm sharing the little news I have though.

First of all, I want to notice you that I lost my Discord account so whatever is happening on the Parvinjaan Discord server can no longer be answered or verified by me. I lost hopes of getting it back, so maybe I'll create a new account and a new server, I don't know yet. By then, you're still very welcome to give feedback and report bugs in the comment section of the game here on itch.io or by mail at parvinjaan(at)protonmail.com. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As for the news:

  • For clearer stats, you can now see your city BMI and cupsize progress through basic charts.
  • I created some system randomly generating characters that you will encounter by chance. That way, you have fewer chances of encountering twice the same girl by the streets. For now, this applies mostly for university encounters.
  • You will no longer fall directly sick from eating to your fullest in the kitchen.

Bug fixes (thanks to all of you who reported them):

  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to watch tv and read at night when you had 0 action left
  • Fixed a bug that made you skip pay for building the temple
  • Fixed a bug that made Maude's 20th birthday repeted everyday during almost a year...
  • Fixed a bug that made you go to the TV show after answering the magazine interview when you had 0 Actions left
  • Fixed a bug that increased pollution when you took measure to reduce it...
  • Fixed a bug that made your daughter have fewer choices when speaking about her weight

As usually, the update is first available for French. I don't know what'll happen for the English yet.

I know this isn't much progress, but let's consider v0.17 a "cleaner" version of the previous one. I'm not giving up on this game, just needing time because of being to busy.

Stay all safe and enjoy life and hopefully this game too <3



Cestdelatarte-0.17-pc-FRENCH.zip 54 MB
Feb 08, 2022
Cestdelatarte-0.17-mac-FRENCH.zip 19 MB
Feb 08, 2022

Get A Piece of Cake! C'est de la tarte !

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