v0.16 is up! Maude is back!


Here's an update, once again. Only in French for now, I'll let you know when the English translation is ready. To be honest, the goal was mainly to bring Maude back, so there isn't any new big system in game, but rather a lot of small things that have been added or improved.

So, what are the biggest news?

  • Maude is back as a University student. The story the same as before, just slightly readapted in some details
  • You can now upgrade your business to earn more! Upgradable shops: pub, lab, and luxury clothes shop
  • As a queen, you can create a religious cult to the Fertility Godess and pray for your citizen's curves (one secret condition is needed though)
  • You can now have a more powerful influence on the town's people to influence their behaviour.  Writing articles at the university is the way to go if you are not a leader yet (and it helps you becomming famous too). The more famous you are, the more the town's people will be aiming at reaching your weight, be it high or low (until now this only applied if you were a mayor or queen and didn't take your fame in account).

Other news:

  • Recovering from a sickness brings you back 12% of your max health
  • Pollution starts at half its previous level, but will slowly rise every year until political measures are taken, or until you influence the citizens' behaviour to be more nature friendly (that can be achieved through writing articles at university)
  • Your earnings as a photomodel will now increase depending on how famous you are (pretty logical, right?)
  • Random transportation mode: if you want to use all transportation methods without chosing by hand every single time you go
  • New random encounters in the bus + at university
  • Fixed a bug that always described your place as an appartment when your cousin came to visit you
  • Some other minor bugs fixes
  • For modders: most variables are now set by default so it should avoid them to be undefined and reduce unexpected bugs

Some new things such as the influence system are difficult to test so please report anything weird!

I hope you'll like this update,

Cheers <3


Cestdelatarte-0.16-pc-FRENCH.zip 35 MB
May 11, 2021
Cestdelatarte-0.16-mac-FRENCH.zip 17 MB
May 11, 2021

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