v0.18 - open your Ice Cream shop!

Hi all!

The French 0.18 version is ready! Hopefully there'll be an English translation.

What's the news?

  • You can now open, manage and develop your icecream shop! Make it big and you might even see results on the city lady's body!
  • Your reputation now has different effects depending how you gained it. People liking you for your videos and anything related to your body are called your "fans". People agreeing with your scientific articles and politics are now called your "adepts".
  • Increased max cupsize for the girls you meet by the streets to double J cup (was dougle G)
  • Rankings for city population, average cupsize and average weight (national and international rankings)
  • Get some news from Maude after she left town
  • A slight reorganizations in some choice menus and UI
  • Text and bug fixes (this will never end...)

I'll try to readjust some mechanics in the next update. The icecream shop seems to fatten fasten up the lady's groth a bit too much. And some other issues have been reported.

I hope you'll like the new content!

Cheers! <3



Cestdelatarte-0.18-pc-FRENCH 54 MB
May 17, 2022
Cestdelatarte-0.18-mac-FRENCH 20 MB
May 17, 2022

Get A Piece of Cake! C'est de la tarte !


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Does the new max cup size apply to the player character?

It doesn't. But I'll need to do it someday.