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English translation only for version 0.11, so all contents are not included.
You'll be playing a female character who... doesn't do much things yet, because you'll be the one deciding over her fat fate.

You start as a skinny 18 y-o girl who's moving out from her parent's It's up to you to make her grow into society and shape... Make her an Internet idol or a great scientist, buy her a palace, make her body grows... Satisfy yourself ;)


  • Weight gain/loss depending on how you satisfy your apetite
  • Unlock items,  jobs, houses and events
  • Lots of random events
  • Meet again a girl you knew from high school, who now is feeling lonely
  • Become the town's mayor and impact pollution and people's weight
  • Adopt a child
  • Discover how to make your belly, breasts and butt grow more rapidly
  • Beware of excess eating/dieting, it could be lethal :)
  • 28.000+ words

Note: no sex scenes or nudes (underwear + one naked boob scene whithout much description). The game is only text based, and this is an Alpha version so there is still much more to come. Thanks for your interest and for leaving feedback and suggestions here or on Discord!

----- ---- --- -- -

Vous incarnez un personnage féminin qui... ne fait pas grand chose, car ce sera à vous de décider de son sort.

Au départ, vous êtes une fille de 18 ans qui prend son indépendance. Il relève de votre responsabilité d'amorcer son ascension sociale, et sa croissance corporelle... Devenez une star sur internet ou une grande scientifique, achetez un palais, développez votre corps... faites vous plaisir !

Au menu:

  • Prise/perte de poids sur la base d'un système de satisfaction de votre appétit 
  • Des objets, métiers, maisons et événements à débloquer
  • Des événements aléatoires pour pimenter vos faims  fins de journée
  • Retrouvez une camarade de lycée esseulée dont le festin destin dépendra de vous
  • Devenez mairesse et influencez la pollution de la ville et l'imc de ses habitants
  • Adoptez un enfant
  • Et d'autres petites subtilités. Pourquoi n'essaieriez-vous pas de découvrir comment faire croître votre poitrine sans grossir ? (Enfin, ça ne vous empêchera pas de grossir non plus !)
  • Attention aux excès, ils pourraient vous être fatals :)
  • Plus de 28.000 mots

Remarques : pas de scènes de sexe ni de nus (sous-vêtements, sauf une scène avec des seins nus dont la description n'est pas poussée). Le jeu est uniquement basé sur le texte (pas d'images, pas de son... peut-être à venir ?), et en est à sa première publication en Alpha. Il est donc encore grandement incomplet ! Merci d'avance pour vos commentaires et suggestions ici ou sur Discord!


Cestdelatarte-0.12-pc-FRENCH.zip 34 MB
Cestdelatarte-0.12-mac-FRENCH.zip 16 MB
Apieceofcake-0.12-pc-ENGLISH.7z 24 MB
Apieceofcake-0.11-mac-ENGLISH.zip 13 MB

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I have made it to age 27 with a daughter and being mayer 24/7 while still being healthy at this point in time I wish there was a way to like set your charachter on a auto path so that  I can have them eat the max food 24 times and eat the fruit saled 10 times then have it go to the gym them do things with friend  and post vids for the rest of the actions. That way I gain and be healthy but can see how my choices with the town effect the town over time and same with my daughter. only on special days should this stop or if I press a button to stop it and take manual control for a bit to make more choices with the day or check in with friend..etc I do love the game and wish to see more even if its in complete french (I do not under stand french though this game is that amazing) I do hope you update eventually although I understand rn difficult times and you probably have better things

I'm really confused about how the health and weight gain systems work. I overeat every day and I still lose weight; I over-feed the friend character, she ends up cadaverically thin; and I eat fruit, drink water, and take walks and still end up in critical condition. What gives?

I'm definitely enjoying the writing, but I'm feeling really unfulfilled without being able to see any of the weight gain content. The game's just not very clear about how its systems work.

from my exsperiance of playing the game. eat some of the fruit saled and something fatening or savery eventually your capacity should grow so you can eat more then one thing fattening and still a little bit of fruit saled. Do not over eat past the bar that gets you sick if its more then half the bar overfed (though you cant really see how far you have overeaten) thats how I got the character to gain weight. In order to be healthy you need to walk atleast once I day or your health will decrease at one point  I started using the gym once a day to make sure I was healthy as I was nearly 500kg. With the friend situation don't take her on walks and over feed her once a day atleast she should be gaining then. This is what I have learned from playing the game.


Is there any possible way of skipping non "special" days? It's getting to be a drag, year 32, unlocked all things in office, no interviews, and my partner isn't reacting to being 350 pounds. I have 6 actions and nothing to do with them, and really want to skip to my child being older.

Wow, you went so far! First, I'll try to find time to get back on the game... then adding more content would help passing time. I can't promise more for now :'( Sorry. Thank you so much for playing the game <3

Deleted 46 days ago

any chance of a cheat menu to make it little more fun?

Hhhmmmm, not for now, but you can activate the dev debug by modifying the script, it should be around line 1700 in the main script.



one thing I would add if I could. bulk buy of foods and food/medicne states

It will happen when I have some time! Thank you for feedback <3


Quand je lis un livre scientifique ou un roman, j'ai cette erreur:

File "game/script.rpy", line 4067, in script
    if fringuehn <= 4:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 4067, in <module>
    if fringuehn <= 4:
NameError: name 'fringuehn' is not defined
Il semble que vous avez oublié de déclarer la variable.

Merci pour le report ! On me l'a fait remarquer oui :'( Ce sera corrigé dans la prochaine mie à jour. (pas encore de date, désolée)


When I try to read a romance novel an error occurs due to 'fringuehen' being undefined. Just though it was something I should bring to your attention.

Thank you for reporting this bug!!! <3


Hi, I'm one of the people from the weightgaming.com forum; I've reverse-engineered a machine translation of dialogue (everything "___" in script.py ) but skipped or partially translated strings (eg; argent/money ). It's playable and just needs someone to finish that part. It is not perfect, but makes a full translation easier/faster.

Can I post the translation there so other people there can help finish it off?

(1 edit)

Hi! Woooow! You're amazing! Of course you can, I'm glad you English speakers also can enjoy the game even though it' not finished yet!

Thank you so much! <3


if you want to join to help with other things you can and people are looking forward to seeing you pop up because here a link to the forum https://forum.weightgaming.com/t/a-piece-of-cake-cest-de-la-tarte-le-francais/64...

they have doing a lot and fixing bugs that pops up when its getting translated to

Thanks, I will join when getting less busy!


About English translation, I think I will do it when the game will be ready... Sorry. Thank you all so much for your interest!

This is very interesting, but please translate into English, you can use Google translate

when translation gonna be finished

Could you please translate to english? would love to play but speak very little french

i feel like you can use google translate to translate your game 

I'm affraid it would result terrible. But I'll consider giving it a try to see how it'd look like. Thank you for commenting <3