v0.15 The comeback


It's been a long time for a good reason. Some people considered some content was sexualizing minors according to the definition that law made in some states of the US. It wasn't my goal at all so I was pretty shocked and shaken and couldn't gather myself to work back on the game, and removed the game's public status. In order to make the game "clean" for everybody alike, I made the following changes:

  • All mention to minors have been deleted, whichever be their content, except statistics about the population's weight.
  • Adoption is still possible but you will need to wait until your daughter reaches 18 to be able to discover how her chest grew.
  • All randoms encounters have been rewritten to make sure you only meet adults, no matter if you interact with them or not.
  • Maude's act has been temporarily removed. I will rewrite it with her being a University student.

Some new content has been added:

  • Youth potion: loose half your hard gained fat to be 5 years younger
  • You can now also make belly stuffing videos for your Curvyvids' channel (as suggested)
  • You can eat, look at yourself in the mirror and buy things before going to sleep (as suggested)
  • You won't encounter your friend before having saved up 1000 coins. This is a security for you not to let her starve to death after a few days...
  • Increasing salaries for the jobs (except education jobs)
  • Some new random  encounters when cycling

And a few bugs and typos have been fixed. However, since a lot of content has been changed or removed, it is possible that some new bugs appeared without me noticing them. I would be very thankful if you could report them on my Discord!

The update is available in French only, for now, I'll notify you as soon as it is translated. The older English builds remain undownlaodable as they include the contested content.

Sorry for the very long time it took me to republish the game, and thank you so much for your support.

I hope you will enjoy this updated version.

Cheers & love!


Cestdelatarte-0.15-pc-FRENCH.zip 34 MB
Mar 09, 2021
Cestdelatarte-0.15-mac-FRENCH.zip 17 MB
Mar 09, 2021

Get A Piece of Cake! C'est de la tarte !

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