v0.14 Side stories and city fattening

Here are the news for version 0.14!

Still no English translation to come sorry. You'll get one some day though. Otherwise you can try Phoernof's Mod that has full English even though all publications are delayed (which is normal since they get the newest build in the same time as you).

Here are the biggest changes:

  • Many new actions you can do only when becoming queen! I hope it gives some more lifetime to the game
  • The people you meet are affected by the city average. For example, if you make the town fatter, the people you meet will actually look fatter
  • Instant stuffing button: if you want to feed yourself by one click
  • UI colour has been changed to pink/purple

Here some other changes:

  • The city starting population number has been increased a lot
  • The city actions costs have been modified
  • The city income have been modified
  • The housing prices have been increased
  • For better user experience, when buying medicine on the 2nd page, you go
    back to second page and not to the first one (as suggested)
  • Orthography and bug fixes. Thanks for all your reports !

I hope the new contents will please you!

Have fun! Cheers! <3


Cestdelatarte-0.14-pc-FRENCH.zip 34 MB
Sep 29, 2020
Cestdelatarte-0.14-mac-FRENCH.zip 17 MB
Sep 29, 2020

Get A Piece of Cake! C'est de la tarte !

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